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History Connections Disney History Connections brings the past to life in meaningful new ways by connecting people, places, and stories of the past with the modern world. Each episode uses live action, animation, and cross-curricular connections between music, art, politics and economics to define an era in history.
Colonial America
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For iPad
Schoolhouse Rock! America
Take a pilgrimage through American history with songs from this award-winning series.

Ruby Bridges
Enrich civil rights lessons with the inspiring true story of young Ruby Bridges.

Middle and Jr. High
The American Presidents: 1754-1861
Discover what it means to be an American as we travel across this beautiful country.

The Civil Rights Movement
Meet the people behind the landmark civil rights events of the 1950s and 1960s.

High School
Life Is Beautiful
Share this enlightening perspective on the stark realities of WWII Europe with your class.

Anne Frank
Experience the stirring tale of one of the most influential young women of the 20th century.