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Free Videos & Games

SIEMENS Website Siemens and The Walt Disney Company have partnered to bring you and your students the real science behind the Disney Theme Parks! Click the link below to access games, slideshows, and key clips from the award-winning Science of Disney Imagineering series.

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Bill Nye's Solving For X

Bill Nye's Solving For X Bill Nye The Science Guy is back with a new passion - math! This short-form series is now available on 2 DVDs - Solving for X: Pre-Algebra, Volume 1 and Solving for X: Algebra I, Volume 1. By using Bill Nye's exciting, conceptual approach to learning key mathematical principles, kids can discover how algebra relates to the world around us.

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Schoolhouse Rock! Multiplication
Join the Schoolhouse Rock team as they explore the matters of math and multiplication.

Donald In Mathmagicland
See math's connections to art, architecture, and plants through music and animation.

Middle & Jr. High

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Friction
Imagineers showcase how different types of friction - static, kinetic, and rolling - come into play when they're designing Disney's theme park rides and attractions.

The Science Of Disney Imagineering: Electricity
Disney Imagineers show students how electricity brings some of their favorite rides to life.

High School

Roving Mars
See the Mars surface through the eyes of two intrepid, death-defying explorers.

The Eyes of Nye: Nuclear Energy
Learn the risks and advantages of using nuclear power as an alternative source of energy.