Wild About Safety

About the series:

Timon and Pumbaa from Disney’s Lion King are Wild About Safety®. With their Safety Smart® checklist in hand, the two loveable characters will teach students in kindergarten through third grade the importance of always being on the look-out for safety problems. Together with Timon and Pumbaa, students will learn a variety of safety lessons for around the house, for the environment, and for in the water that will help themselves and others avoid injuries, live Problem-Free, and be Safety Smart®!

Safety Smart About Fire
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Safety Smart®: About Fire

"Get down, get out and stay out!" That's just one of the lessons Timon and Pumbaa share to help students understand what to do in a fire emergency. From smoke alarms, fire escape plans and preventative measures such as not playing with matches, Timon and Pumbaa review their Safety Smart® Checklist full of valuable and life-saving fire safety information.

At Home
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Safety Smart®: At Home!

Timon thinks he and Pumbaa should move to a bigger house, but Pumbaa isn’t so sure. The two friends–armed with their Safety Smart® Checklist–look through the house and discover some serious safety problems–including overloaded electrical outlets and a cluttered stairway–and end the program with a memorable safety song.

Winner of the 2008 Teacher’s Choice Award!

Goes Green
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Safety Smart® Goes Green

Empower your students to make more informed safety choices for themselves and their environment. Students will join Timon and Pumbaa as they make sure the land, water, and air around them is clean and safe. This Classroom DVD explores the Three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and ways to conserve water and energy. These key concepts are presented in an age-appropriate manner and are reinforced with a catchy safety song as well as activities included in the Educator's Guide.

In The Water
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Safety Smart®: In the Water

Timon and Pumbaa help students learn that fun in the water starts with safety. Once again armed with their Safety Smart® Checklist, Timon and Pumbaa head out for a day at their favorite watering hole. There, they identify valuable water safety lessons like checking for a lifeguard, reading all posted safety signs and looking before leaping in.